My name is Destry Kiser and I am a husband, father, and graphic designer. First off, let me answer a few questions you may already have from just reading that first sentence.

What does my name mean?
Determined. I had to look that up myself when I was younger after being asked it so many times.

Am I named after someone and where in the world did my parents get that name from?
No. A name book apparently. My parents just like unique names. I am number 6 of 8 siblings and the farther down the line we got, the more unique and creative my parents got with the names. And yes, I said 1 of 8 – it was crazy growing up.

Now that's out of the way... let me tell you a little bit more about myself... My wife and I live in Kalamazoo, MI. We have one daughter, Adley Rae (July 2017) and she is quite a handful but we love her dearly and couldn’t imagine life without her now!

I currently work at gracespring Bible Church as their Director of Communications. I have worked there since Fall of 2010. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I graduated with a graphic design degree and still do some freelance design work when needed. If you are interested, feel free to send me an email. I should respond relatively quickly. I do not like unread emails. I repeat. I do NOT like unread emails.